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What is "IPIFY by INTERCOAX" ?

There are more than 50 products in our extensive LRE offering. To make it easy to specify the selection of products and your bill of materials (BOM), we introduce you to our new product family “IPIFY”. The “IPIFY” product family consists of 4 product groups, allowing you to make an easy choice in a range of preconfigured set of products. By means of 4 colours, we have created a user friendly and very easy set up: the packages are available for 1, 4, 8 and 16 port units. All products meet the new global ETSI standard (TS 105 176) on IEEE 1901. They are all fully interoperable, preconfigured and are very intuitive for installation which allows fast, non-intrusive and cost-effective LRE installations, for single port connections through to multiport systems in both managed or unmanaged applications.


Migration to IP made Quick and Easy

Got Coax?
Coaxial cable has sufficient frequency range to support multiple channels, which allows for much greater throughput, with lower error rate. It is the perfect cable for any IP data and power transmission (IP cameras, IP telephony / VoiP, IP access control, IP Nurse Call, IP digital signage, IP Public Address, …)
Got UTP (Cat cable)?
UTP cables are the most commonly used networking cables on the market, and less expensive than STP cables. Conventional Ethernet data transmission is limited up to 100m, but Intercoax extends data and power (PoE) transmission up to 2.4km transmission distance.
Untwisted Pair Cable?
Untwisted or Balanced pair cable is weak in canceling out electromagnetic interference from external sources. Our Intercoax Long Range Ethernet technology allows to transmit and extend data and power without any distortion or noise.
Mixed Cable?
Many CCTV and security system integrators and installers, use mixed cable for many reasons. Intercoax can also transmit IP data and power over any mixed cable by special impedance matching technology.

What is your IP migration objective?

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