INTERCOAX EMEA : CEO Message & Vision

We are living in fast changing times, where technology takes the lead in the introduction of better lifestyles and a more direct-to-the-point way of doing business. INTERCOAX takes pride in its ability to bring forth products and solutions, that are demanded by global enterprise customers and various verticals.

My success and leadership, is backed by over 30 years of excellent global business development and the long term vision of building globally recognized businesses. This vision has become key towards our move to consolidate our presence in the security and ICT markets we operate in and to improve the overall equity of the INTERCOAX brand.
Our rise to progress has been driven by four points; ‘scout,’ ‘source,’ ‘sell’ and ‘service;’
forward looking approaches that have allowed us to effectively become a preferred provider of innovative products and solutions across various consumers.
My vision has always been to define the client’s ‘sense of purpose’ and to use this as an internal compass, ably guiding me in navigating the company’s journey towards exceeding customer experience. Our long years of experience has taught us that profitable growth can truly be achieved by paying focus on customer satisfaction and is best exemplified in our abilities to drive strong sustainable partnerships with our clients.

Furthermore, our move to maintain strong ties with the communities we operate in has become a fundamental complement to our continued success and standing in society. INTERCOAX has engaged in an ongoing program of corporate social responsibility activities and is wholly committed to building on these efforts and furthering these endeavours for the long term.

Vincent Matthys.
CEO - Founder - President


To be a globally recognized business known for quality, exceeding customer expectations & seizing opportunities for growth.


To build on our profitable business to reach 20 million € by 2025.
Develop a world class organization through benchmarked processes, technology and people.
Become a global brand name which stands for innovation & consumer connect, with the focus on emerging markets.


Honesty, Ethics & Integrity. We shall adhere to the virtuous attributes of transparency, truthfulness, straightforwardness and being morally correct under all circumstances.
Inspire Commitment with complete Ownership. We shall work, lead and live in a way that inspires & motivates others within and outside the organization, whilst taking complete responsibility of our job to achieve organization goals.


We shall act with and maintain the trust of all our stakeholders including the employees, customers, vendors, partners, investors and the entire ecosystem/value chain of our business domains.


We shall invest in our teams and our processes to continuously raise the benchmarks across the board and achieve excellence in all our activities.

What makes Intercoax so special?