Troubleshooting FAQ
  • Ethernet Extender with Management system

    ECP-2808RM / ECP-2816RM / EUP-2808RM / EUP-2816RM

  • Ethernet Extender (Unmanaged)

    ECP-2701 / ECP-2704T / ECP-2704R / ECP-2601 / ECP-9501 / ECP-8401 / ECP-8301 / ECP-9504R / ECP-9508R / ECP-9516R

  • Hardware
  • Software
What is the maximum transmission speed when using multi-channel receiver equipment?
I want to know what kind of transmission medium is used in the field.
PoE is not enabled to end-devices even the transmitter is working properly
Transmitters are not turned powered on
No network connection from receiver to network switch or NVR, or transmitter to camera.
No network connection over coax / UTP
Join LED is not ON
B-Linx / T-Linx . port Indicator (LED) is blinking
The system does not turn on and the power indicator on the front panel does not work at all.
Live video will be cut off
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