INTERCOAX invites you to our free webinar program "CONNECT SMART TO TOMORROW".

The online summits introduce and explain you all about SMART Long Range Ethernet (LRE) networking and the new global standard ETSI TS 105 176-2.

What is SMART ?
What is Long Range Ethernet ?
What LRE will offer you in terms of new & additional business, having a Unique Selling Proposition versus your competitors.
How to apply LRE.
Case studies.
Support Tools.

We invite you and your product management team for a 45 minutes online summit : our CEO Vincent Matthys will introduce you the unique features of the LRE IP technology.

Why would you spend 60% more money on your next CCTV IP project ?
Why not use an alternative transmission technology that is much more efficient, includes PoE, is non-invasive and is not fibre ?
Why would you pullout an installed cable infrastructure, replace it with a new one, and thus be far less sustainable instead of re-enabling the installed copper cable ?
Why would you deploy midspan products every 95 meters ?
Why would you choose a non-standardized and non-interoperable transmission product ?
Why wouldn't you choose for an all-in-one IP transmission solution that is manufacturer / IP Application independent and which is based on the brand new Long Range Ethernet ETSI standard ?

Come and join us on our next free webinar, and discover what LONG RANGE ETHERNET will mean for you.

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